Age has given more clarity on what I value in life. It is not the amount of friends that are important to me anymore but having friends I can count on for support when I need it. Plus I can step up and help them too. The definition of friendship to me now has shifted. My friendships run deeper than they ever did before. This was particularly evident when my father was terminally ill. Good friends lift you up when you are too weak emotionally to walk on your own.

Friends encourage and support through the good times and the rougher times. You walk through life’s journey together, even though you may leave miles apart, and in some cases on the other side of the world.

A good friend is a good listener, and does not judge, although they are brave enough to tell you when they disagree with you. Even if they know you won’t like their advice. They also make you laugh out loud.

Good friends are the best!





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