In midlife I have come to realize that what is on trend may or may not look great on my 50 year old self. Navigating through the sometimes choppy waters of “too old for this” and “too young for that”, I don’t particularly worry what others may think of my clothes but I do want to enjoy wearing them, and avoid the “mutton dressed as lamb” look. It’s a fine line! 😉

Here are a few of my favorite midlife fashion accessories:

  1. The Wedge – Queen Elizabeth may have disapproved of Kate wearing a wedge shoe, but thankfully we don’t need the royal seal of approval. If it goes on my feet it has a wedge these days! Sandals, flip flops, shoes and sandals – plus wedge. They give support, height and comfort to my poor old feet. Gone are my days of hobbling and teetering on heels for the sake of fashion. I have the bunion prove it!
  2. Scarves are a midlife girl’s best friend – Forget diamonds being our BFF, a pretty scarf switches up an outfit, adds a pop of color, and can change it’s look completely. They can be worn different ways to add even more variation to an outfit. I confess I need more practice tying scarves so that they look casual yet stylish. I have a tendency to throw them round my neck and hope for the best.
  3. Maxi skirts were a staple in my wardrobe last summer, and will continue to be this year. I learnt quickly that a slip worked best underneath them otherwise the dreaded VPL was on display! I love how they hide my legs, and are stretchy around the waist. Stretchy is an added bonus!
  4. Handbags have gotten smaller. The smaller the better. When my children were younger my handbag was the size of a small suitcase. Snacks, games and wipes overflowed the ginormous bag that we could have lived out of for a year. These days I try to be more disciplined about the weight and size of the bag as my shoulder can’t take carrying around 50 pounds anymore!

If I like a style I will buy it in other colors. Finding that perfect skirt or pair of trousers can be a challenge and if I find it, darn right I will buy it in more colors. I think that may also say how lazy I am with clothes shopping these days.

My fifties fashion favorites, unlike the twenties, have one thing in common – comfort. Avoiding the frumpy look and being comfortable are two main goals. 

What style or accessory are you a fan of in midlife?

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