Fashion at fifty is more about embracing our shape with flattering clothes that we feel confident in, rather than staying on trend all the time. That bikini may look fab on the twenty five year old model in HI on the retail website, but my fifty year old body needs A LOT more support (scaffolding) in all places.

Buying clothes has never been better for a midlife woman. Growing up in England, my mother and grandmothers bought clothes directly from a store that had very limited opening hours, or they ordered from a giant door stop of a catalogue such as Littlewoods or Grattan. Ordering required mailing in their order and looking forward to receiving their item in several weeks.  The season could have moved on by the time it arrived or the product could be out off stock.

Today we are spoilt for choice. We have access to midlife fashion bloggers, buying direct from social media, and websites. We can see an outfit on a carousel ad on Facebook or on our favorite store’s website and purchase it directly. We know instantly if it is out of stock and we can expedite shipping usually if it’s something we want quickly. I purchased something from Marks and Spencer in the UK recently, and it arrived in a week and the shipping was free!

My preference has been online shopping in recent months. I am not a fan of being pounced on the second I walk through a store by a sales hungry assistant. No disrespect to retail sales folk as we all have to make a living, but I personally enjoy perusing a couple of favorite fashion blogs and retail sites, before hitting the buy button in the comfort of my own home. I always check the reviews on sizing for a particular item. Returns are usually easy.

I find the mall overwhelming and get sensory overload these days. A sign of getting older I guess. 🙂

I would love to know if you have any favorite midlife fashion bloggers, and if you prefer in store or online shopping.




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