Recently I visited family in England with my youngest son. The days leading up to the vacation were hectic. Trying to finish work projects, the craziness of the end of the school year, and prepping for the trip left me feeling frazzled. However, I have always been able to relax once I am finally sitting on the plane. Even with the person in front reclined in your lap, and the knees of the person behind you in the back of your seat, the small bottle of wine you are handed by the cabin staff feels like the best wine you have ever tasted. Stress begins to leave you as the biggest decision you face is which movie to watch and when to go to the loo!

On that 10 hour plane journey there is much time to reflect on life and also get a fresh perspective on what’s important to you. The trivial day-to-day problems seem so much smaller as you look out the window above the clouds. The hugs and warm welcome from family we haven’t seen in far too long, as we arrive at Heathrow airport, are priceless. It always feels like you have never left. I sleep in my childhood room when I visit England. The room has been redecorated many times over the years, the posters of my youth long gone, but the peaceful feeling I get snuggled in that bedroom are the same.

Those famous words “There is no place like home” are even more important to me in middle age. Home, to me, whether in the US or UK, is where they know your stories and love you, and you them, unconditionally.

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